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30 year Music Industry Veteran

CEO of 7 Entertainment Companies



Recording Artist

Manager/Booking Agent


Grammy Awards


Billboard Awarded

BMI Awarded

The journey that led Chris Lieck to experience all of the titles starts when when Chris was 7 year old.  Playing drums he was discovered by the Johnny Carson drummer.  From that moment on his future was set in stone.

As a teen he was making his living playing music full time. His band was headlining  shows and auditoriums in Texas. The Kids was a teen pop band that took the state by storm.  That led to  a contract in Hollywood.  
Kid Curry was formed in Hollywood CA and from day one Chris Curry Lieck's band took Hollywood by storm.  Landing on MTV with the number one spot led them to a record deal and touring for over 2 straight years.  At the peak of their success Chris formed a new band KK WILDE. 







This fast rise to the top led Chris to the business side of music.

He started by purchasing a top studio in Hollywood.  The room was home to superstar groups.  This was the time of his life.  Being on top in Hollywood and on the Sunset Strip in the 198o's was like heaven.

It started by forming his first publishing company at age 17 and while in Hollywood he formed two more publishing companies and began writing songs for other artists and over 10 TV show and films for Warner Brothers Films. Chris placed 40 songs in one year alone.  The Hollywood studio was at it's peak when he sold it for a large sum of money and formed two labels.

Platinum and Tejas Records.

With his own  cash , brilliant vision, Chris and John turned Tejas into a legendary complex, label and studio.

Tejas Records he opened in Texas while still in Hollywood.

The label is 20 years old and still is one of the most branded labels in history. 

Tejas produced 120 hit singles, Gold and Platinum Cds, 23 Grammy Nominations, 2 Grammy's, Billboard Awards and BMI Awards. 

The success of Tejas led Chris to return to his roots by building a brand new studio record label.

Chris  Lieck Studios

Record Ink.

This new label is centered around female pop/rock.

His first three artists are all working on their debut Cds.








After all these successes and the completion of his new studio facility (that Chris bulit himself from the ground up) 






2017 will be a banner year for the Chris Lieck brand and companies.

Record Ink. will be launching a new set of debut records.

Tejas Records will launch the 200 title library to ITUNES.

Chris never seems to stop innovating and producing unique artists and successes stories.

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